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Vyncent Fjell
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Vyncent "Vyn" Fjell


Species: Malaysian Tiger
Gender: Male
Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: Silver with Electric Blue tips
Appearance: He stands a mere 6'4" tall and is 10 years older than Crush, broad shoulders, athletic built with a good bit of muscle to him. Standard tiger pelt colors with orange back, arms, legs and head with a little cream colored belly that stretches from his bottom jaw to in-between his legs and bottom of his tail. His tail tip, treasure trail, chest fluff, cheek fluff, fingers, toes, fur on his inner ears, and the dots on each ear have white fur. His flesh is a green color to include his mouth and tongue.

Clothes: Same robes as Crush with the addition to a black hood that he covers himself with, black socks and slippers: as well as the same jade pendant with leather lashing around his neck.

Strengths: Massive upper body strength, and 鐵的意志 or Iron-will (adj. A burning determination that cannot be stopped or hindered by anything; Willing to do anything to get a desired out come; Extremely resilient.)

Weakness: Due to size is really cumbersome, too stubborn for his own good (It gets in the way sometimes)
Weapons: Guandao( ), long spear type pole with one bladed end with a notch at the top to catch enemy blades, and a spiked point at the other end for swift stabbing motions. He keeps the blade hidden in a wrap and strapped to his back. His big, fat oven mitts called hands.


As he stood, he was 10 years or more older than Crush. Hailing from the same temple as Crush, his moral compass is on the same track, a little more cool-headed than the canine. Both from neighboring villages that fell during the fighting of their villages when he was a boy, he instantly got along with the dog, forming a sort of unorthodox bond of friends with him. Many viewed it as odd and strange since the two were opposite ends of the spectrum species wise.

Eventually becoming best friends with the smaller canine, the two worked together on many tasks around the monastery, and when training came around the two complimented each-other physically and mentally as they had a bond strong enough to predict the others next move. But all the sunshine and rainbows had to end some day, with Crush's announcement of his own journey to carve a path absolutely crushed the feline. He felt betrayed but had to let the Shepherd go his own path. Years after he had left the monastery he had grown with his friend, he found himself at another in the mountains, learning their form of fighting. Only when word had passed down the grape vine that his friend and the rest of the crew of the merchant ship had gone under, did he decide to embark on a quest of his own. Feeling that his friend was either dead or held captive by whoever had attacked the ship he left to either avenge or recover his friend.

It took him a few months to find the bar in which he worked, and a few "persuasions" of some of the employees and patrons of the seedy bar, had he actually gotten information about who attacked the vessel let alone if there were any survivors. Assuming his "brother" had died, he hopped on the next merchant vessel and began muscling his way ship to ship to see if he could land the bastard that killed his friend. Heading out on perhaps his final stop to a smaller island named Zegi.