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Species: Spotted Hyena
Gender: Female
Eyes: Right eye is electric blue, Left eye is yellow.
Hair: Electric blue
Appearance: Stands at only 5'4" but don't let her height fool you- she has a rather muscular build for someone her size. Her fur is mostly shades of grey with darker grey around her muzzle, arms, stomach and underside of her tail. Little accents of almost silver run along the grey on her stomach, in her cheeks, and covering her fingers. Most of her skin is electric blue like her short, messy hair and tip of her tail.
Clothes: Most her clothes would be described more as rags. She tends to have a very "primal" look on anything she wears; bone jewelry, stained cloth just tied around her, and large skulls tend to be her normal wear. If she does wear normal clothes then you can bet she's not too happy about it.

Strengths: For her size, she packs a punch. Due to living a majority of her life on boats or in deep swamps she has quite a lot of muscle to jump around trees and handle herself in fist to fist confrontations. This paired with her exceptional knowledge of the body and how it works means she will aim for someone's weak spot if she can figure it out.
Weakness: Her main weakness is that she doesn't work with people well. Living alone most her life has made her be rather short tempered with people and she has issues listening to authority. Although she will listen and keep her mouth shut- she isn't afraid to "mess up" on someone's treatment if they've gotten on her bad side. Physically speaking, her main weakness is that she's blind in her left eye so she relies on her sense of hearing more.
Weapons: Itsu favors sticks, poles, and sometimes throwing knives more than anything. She doesn't have much knowledge about guns or swords.


Originally born on the eastern side of Ile d'Etoile Nord in a somewhat normal family. Itsu was the fourth of five children and easily the most ignored. However, she liked the peace and quiet. While her parents had high expectations for their children to take over their small trading business- Itsu had other interests. She wanted to learn medicine. Everything about the body intrigued her. She generally always had her face in a medical book. Eventually, it became obvious that her parent's business was nothing but a scam with them selling many fake items as the years went on. After a fight with her parents over fake claims on a "healing" herb(which was actually poisonous), Itsu threatened to rat them out to the authorities, but before she could- one of her siblings reached them first making up an outlandish claim that Itsu was trying to poison people. She was arrested, trialed, and sentenced to work as a farmhand in a village towards the east.
Itsu never stepped foot on that farm. Half way down the road to the east she decided to make a run for it. Easily outsmarting the guards, she headed for the coast and hopped on the nearest trading ship that was looking for a doctor. She went from boat to boat over the next few years, generally locking herself in her room until someone suffered from a major injury. Slowly learning more the arts of "dark medicine" like voodoo. Finally she landed herself on a trading boat with a crew she slowly grew fond of. One crew member in particular constantly came to her with injuries from drunken fighting- a shepherd dog of sorts by the name of Crush. The two grew closer and surprisingly he convinced her to marry him. No one quite understood their relationship but she did seem to be more open and less cold hearted around him.
However, not long into their marriage a large storm hit their trading ship that quickly got tossed and broke up the ship in the rough sea. Itsu manages to reach a nearby island, Bird Island, where she spent a few years surviving in the swamp and learning to deal with the locals of the island.