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Feralys / Generic Hands On Board (NPCs)
« on: March 28, 2013, 06:24:16 PM »
List your generic open playable "NPC"'s here.

Other Characters / Leviathan
« on: July 21, 2010, 01:45:27 PM »
Leviathan the Sea Serpent

70 Feet long
Male Sea Serpent, also known as the Water Dragon
Dark greenish scales

I will add more info here as I think of it.

Other Characters / Pirate King: Arthur S. Jones
« on: February 23, 2010, 06:25:25 PM »
Arthur S. Jones


Species: Orange Tabby
Gender: Male
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Appearance: Captain Arthur is a little petite in size. His fur is mostly orange, with darker orange stripes along his body. His mouth, tummy, paw tips, and tail tip are white, without stripes. His hair is a little long and untamed. He is missing his left leg and right eye. His face is a little grungy; he does not necessarily maintain his beard and mustache.
Clothes: Arthur wears a tricorne hat, which is usually identified with him as the Pirate King. Accompanied with a long red pirate coat, ruffled shirt, and black pants, he also wears multiple belts to unconventionally carry his weapons. His clothing is also battered; he has no intention to replace them.
Weapons: His primary weapon of choice is his small sword, and four pistols that he keeps in his belt.


Not much is known about the Pirate King at the moment. He is honored and envied by all of the pirates of Shoalrije. He is also the richest pirate, and the most wanted. Captain Drake has a large bounty for Arthur's head.

Arthur does have a crew amongst him, though they rarely travel anymore. Most of his crew are unknown, but it is said that the best work alongside him.

Feralys / Conrad Bastilian
« on: August 06, 2008, 05:47:14 AM »
Conrad Ken Bastilian


Species: Meerkat
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Appearance: Conrad has regular meerkat markings, with dark brown for his markings and top of his head, light brown for his body, and cream color for his tummy and chest, and under his arms.  He has a fair build, but is somewhat thin.  He has medium-long blonde hair, which he keeps neatly ponytailed to the back.  His bangs are long, and split in two in front of his face.
Clothes: Conrad tends to change his choice of clothes quite a bit.  He sometimes likes to sport a prestigious gentleman look, with a dark coat and dark pants, but he usually likes to wear regular pirate shirt and pants.  It doesn't necessarily make a difference to him, because they all get dirty in use.
Weapons: Short sword.


Conrad Bastilian is a calm, easygoing 27 year old Meerkat.  He was born and raised on Meerkat Cove like all the other meerkats. He doesn't like to be idle, and he's always found working or tending to small tasks around the ship.  He doesn't talk much, but tries to keep in contact with the captain.

Conrad joined the Clan merely for his love of adventure.  He'd never seen Shoalrije, as many meerkats hadn't.  Hearing that Kiapa would be holding an expedition, he immediately joined.  It didn't take long for him to fall in love with her, and he was determined to win her heart, and position as quartermaster.

After being exiled from Meerkat Cove, his love for her grew, up until the death of Kiapa's daughter.  She became sour, and appointed her brother the quartermaster position, instead of Conrad.  Ever since, Conrad lost interest in Kiapa, and began to hate Rizax.

The only thing holding him back on the Meerkat Vessel was his position as Ambassador of the Meerkat Clan, accompanied alongside by his trusty messenger eagle named Sean. After a night of finally confessing his feelings for Kiapa, he decided to turn his life around and join Feralys, in spite of the woman who broke his heart once before. Unaccepted at first, it would be tough to pursuade his new crew that he's not like his former crew.

Meerkat Clan / Kiapa Sequine
« on: June 25, 2008, 03:14:14 AM »
Kiapa Amarette Sequine


Species: Meerkat
Gender: Female
Eyes: Green (left) and blue (right)
Hair: Blonde, with dark brown tips.
Appearance: Light brownish with cream colored under markings and dark brown stripes.  As a regular meerkat is colored, Her lighter markings include her paws and feet, and her chest down to her tummy, and the dark brown markings are her stripes along her back, and the tip of her tail.  She has large breasts, and a pudgy body, or "baby fat." She has medium long straight hair, which half sticks out in front of her as her "mohawk-like" bangs.  The other half is loose behind her.
Clothes: Kiapa wears dark brown pants, and her shirt consists of only a white rag tied in tube-top fashion around breasts.  She sometimes wears a bone necklace of victims' remnants.
Weapons: Kiapa usually keeps with her at least two swords of different types.  It may vary depending on the situation, or the weapons of the body she looted last.


Captain of her own outcasted crew, Kiapa is a 27 year old meerkat.  She's most excited when it comes to pure destruction.  Known to ruthlessly toy with the naval ships, she and her bomb-happy brother Rizax enjoy watching things to BOOM.  Her goal is to obtain a submersible ship. (Meerkat evasion.)

Born on Meerkat cove, she and her brother (and a few others) left the islands to see the Shoalrije Region.  Upon returning, the siblings found they were exiled from the country, and their family, even Kiapa's fiancee, Juunsa, turned their backs to them.  This was a meerkat tradition to betray those who've "betrayed" you, so the siblings and other outcasts  took their wrath upon the sea, mercilessly bombing ports and stealing riches.

Upon that, Kiapa took her four year old daughter, Tasara, with her.  After about a year of being on the sea, Tasara was mercilessly murdered on Drake's command, before her own mother's eyes.  This provided a grave warning for all pirates of the area to give up.  The Meerkat Clan won that battle, but still lived with the loss of Tasara.

The result of this tragic loss is the bombing of Port Royal, with many more to come.

The Meerkat Clan were able to evade scenes quite successfully, and though Kiapa's well known in the Shoalrije region, rarely anyone recognizes her face, nor her ship, because its ability to flee so efficiently.

She has recently declared rivalry against Feralys.


Other Characters / Professor Lucas Ybrad
« on: May 22, 2008, 02:51:05 AM »
Professor Lucas Scott Ybrad


Species: Cougar
Gender: Male
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Brown, but usually kept cut short.
Appearance: Light orangish with cream colored markings.  Similar to a regular cougar's colors.  His markings include his paws and feet, and his chest down to his tummy.  He has a decent build, and he's not too thin.  Ybrad has 21 blue spots down his back in a neatly arranged pattern.  (See following reference image.)
Clothes: Ybrad works in a laboratory, and likes to cover most of his body.  He tends to wear a long, white coat, along with a long sleeved sweater underneath, and dark trousers.  When not working, he merely takes the white coat off and wears his dark colors outside of his laboratory.
Weapons: Ybrad doesn't necessarily use weapons, but when in threat, he uses a dagger.  The only 'weapons' he may carry on him are regular medic tools.


Professor Lucas Ybrad is a 41 year old cougar who owns most of Mandora, and large underground facility underground.  Not much is known about him, as he remains secluded within his laboratory, which he inherited from his father.  He is currently building a flying ship, in hopes of reaching Bird Island before it's "too late."

Ybrad does not have a pleasant history with Rotvang.  Rotvang arrived on Mangora, unaware that it was Ybrad's territory.  Ybrad soon learned that Rotvang had set up practice here, and asked Rotvang to leave.  Refusing, Rotvang continued to take care of his neighbors, becoming a well respected doctor in the area, even after just a few months of living there.  Ybrad intended to take action against Rotvang, but had no justifiable reason to kick him out.  Before too much time passed, Rotvang ended up joining Feralys anyways, which Ybrad is still unaware of.

Ybrad wields two dark secrets: He lost his wife and unborn child to neighboring pirates, "Shadow Clan," in which they were found mutilated as a warning and threat towards Ybrad for the territory.  Secondly, Ybrad has the Night Death disease and is the longest lasting survivor, with 21 blue spots along his back.  He stays alive by exposing himself to artificially produced "sun" light in his UV lab.  This is the biggest motive to building the flying ship so desperately, and impregnating Rosey in hopes of establishing a successor to his property and knowledge.

He is depending on Feralys to save him.

Map / Bone River Tavern and Owner
« on: April 29, 2008, 12:12:32 AM »
Esmerelda Taylor is owner of the Bone River Tavern.  She is Tommy T's older sister of 38 years, and unlike her brother, she runs a somewhat cleaner business by providing beneficial services to the public, such as antidotes, lodging for the sick, and live entertainment.

Despite the bar being the favorite hangout for local oriental thieves and murderers, the Bone River Tavern is an international attraction for the river that flows underneath the large, bamboo-ish structure.  Because of its grim history, only the daring and bold make habits to revisit the establishment for entertainment.

Other Characters / DECEASED- James
« on: December 07, 2007, 07:58:58 PM »
James is a 12 year old rabbit who 'happened' to join the crew from his fascination with the ladies aboard.  He loves to cook and clean, but most of all, he enjoys hanging out with his new buddies, Koji and Churichia.

He doesn't have much of an involvement on the ship at this point, and spends most of his time below deck, where he and the other young ones are instructed to "protect the rum."

James doesn't have much of a past, or a future.  He comes from a small family, where he was the only child.  He was taken away from his parents at 8 years old, and was sent to become a slave at an 'unknown' plantation.  On route, the cart he was being transported in wrecked, and all of the slaves escaped.  James was one of them, and continued his innocent care-free life as a simple, lost vagabond.

Along the adventure, he had become fond of Doctor Rotvang, and tried to help him as much as he can. He was killed by Serena in Episode 9.

Map / MAP
« on: August 24, 2007, 01:51:46 PM »

MANGORA: aka "Ybrad's Region;"

The place where Feralys first shipwrecked.  Inhabited by multiple small clans of rogues and pirates, Mangora is protected from military infiltration.  Ybrad owns most of the region, where he has established a large underground facility.  The exact location of this facility is nearly unknown, but is also said to stretch throughout 1/4 of the region.

The land is dry and brushy, almost resembling African Plains.  It is split in half by a large river, which the remaining half is taller, rockier, and a little darker.

To the north of the region live a group of pirates called the "Shadow Clan."  Led by Captain Damascus, the crew makes habit to frequently invade Ybrad's region, but is usually stopped by mercenaries hired by Ybrad himself.


Predominately inhabited by a vast population of meerkats, Meerkat Cove is a rather innovative and productive country.    Though most homes typically develop underground, in caves, and in cliffsides, Meerkat cove is luscious in vegetation.

Meerkat Cove is not open to outsiders.  Though visitors do stop by to tour the landscape and conduct business, most of the native inhabitants either stay away or show a great deal of hostility; some cases even lead to death.  Interracial relationships are forbidden within their culture, entitling even their own who participate in such relations to be rejected from their families, or killed.

Meerkat Cove contains one group of pirates, outcasts themselves who rebel by surviving off of the coasts and stolen goods from their own homeland.  They are responsible for bombing Port Royal.

Ile d'Etoile Nord: (a.k.a. North Star Island)

A large island farther North than most of the others. The Eastern half of the island is almost entirely French-speaking and consists mostly of small farming villages. The inhabitants of the Western half speak mostly English, but there are small populations of French-speaking communities. The Eastern villages are somewhat larger and more modern with less farming and more trading.

Although it is becoming less common there is a history of slavery on the island. Criminals, unless they are too dangerous, are usually sentenced to slavery instead of imprisonment. Unfortunately there have been instances of innocent people being sold as slaves, most commonly when parents sell their own children claiming they have committed a crime of some sort. Slavery on the Western half of the island still occurs, but is less common.

Karma is from the Eastern half, from a small village called Valois. Jenna is from a village in between the Eastern and Western halves called Bridgewater.

Panthera Islands:
Panthera Island Leopars Island are a small group of  islands west of Shoalrije.  Many primitive feline species inhabit these islands, and it is believed to be a "mystical" land due to the existence of hybrids.  The mountainous landscape thrives with healing herbs, which attracts many travelers.  It is typically a dangerous country due to the naturally dangerous hybrid tribes who populate the islands, but many still risk their lives there for the sake of money.

The lands also consist of two interspecies clans: Aquatons and the Lioas. The Aquatons are considered the shark guardians of Leopars Island (Which many believe they thrive from Sharklands to Panthera.) The Lioas are the felines who guard the land.

Leopard Island

  This Island has a fairly drastic change in terrain. Changing from a coastal region to a fairly tall mountain area. The locals are typically feline in nature and are very open to trade and commerce. The economy is based off of the very productive farms that have been set up in the lowland areas. There is not much in the way of industry however so they tend to trade for what they need from other islands.  The locals that live in the mountains are some what reclusive, and tend to stay in their monasteries but are not hostile if travelers make their way up to them.

Snow leopard mountain monastery: Because it is located high in the mountains, the conditions surrounding the monastery are very cold, snow is almost always present, because of this few are willing to venture up to visit other than the merchants who supply them. The lifestyle of those who live there is a strict one (something of a mix of catholic church and buddhism), they are not allowed to carry weapons or practice violence.

Topaz Island

So called for it's odd yellowish foliage, Topaz island is in the central part of the Shoulrije islands. A large island, it's good climate lends itself well to agriculture and colonisation. However, it is only in more recent years that Espanan pioneers have been able to make it into the centre of the island, only to discover the ruins of an ancient civilisation which experts believe possible spanned the whole of the island chain! The ruins on Topaz, believed to be the capital city were found to be full of the wealth of this Empire. Naturally the Espanan crown kept the finding a secret, keeping the appearance of a quiet plantation colony....


Port Royal is the name given to the largest colony of the United Briton. One of the four great powers of the Old World, United Briton was formed by the mutual union of two neighbouring nations, it's colonial Empire rapidly growing, now rivalling it's neighbours.

Port Royal itself is a settlement in the great bay on the island's west side. It is a sheltered, defendable settlement, guarded by Fort George on a cliff to the settlement's north. The town itself is substantial with several stone built buildings, including the Governor's House on the hill above the town, and the Magistrate. There are several areas in the town that one can visit:

The Docks: Capable of docking and repairing even the largest warships, the deep water allowing mooring with little difficulty.

The Warren: Above the docks, this network of closes and alleyways is a haven for those who don't want to be found. Home of the most popular sailor's 'clubs'.

The Town: The main body of the settlement. Hosts the main square, the market, shops and many townhouses belonging to merchants and other gentlefolk.

The Terrace: Cut into the lush hill above the town, this locates many of the finest residences, including the Governor's House.

[Accumulated through the thread.]

Feralys / Rubian Santana
« on: June 24, 2007, 02:11:37 PM »
Rubian Santana


Species: Weasel
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Appearance: Brown fur, with light brown markings along his chest and down to his tummy.  He has a black tip on the tip of his tail.  In the winter, he turns white.  He has medium long hair, which he keeps brushed back and tied in a loose ponytail.  He has a fairly muscular build and a beautifully sculpted body.
Clothes: Rubian rarely wears a shirt, but when he does, its usually just a regular lace buccaneer shirt.  He wears dark pants, held up with a heavy belt, which is used to hold his two swords.
Weapons: Rubian carries two short cutlasses on him, along with other weapons he tends to steal off of victims.  Every now and then, he uses Crystal's bows and arrows.


Rubian Santana is a 27 year old weasel of "latino culture."  He is fairly tall and has a decent build, always performing hardy tasks around the ship when needed.  Rubian speaks "spanglish", which provides for his heavy accent and undeniably sexy appeal.  Though, with all brawns, he tends to make a lot of weird mistakes, which has cost him a normal life in his hometown.

Rubian grew up in a poor village on Clayrock, where he lived with parents and siblings.  He was the youngest of five, and lived a normal childhood with his family.  When older, he joined the strongest of his village to defend when raids would occur.  Not to long after that, he fell in love with a female officer of Port Royal, and though she did not love him back, he was determined to pursue this goal. The officer knew this, and would do all she could to be rid of this poor weasel.  She intentionally offered him gold and silver, which he unknowingly "stole" from the Castle at Port Royal.  When authority found out, she told them that he robbed the castle.

Rubian was to be arrested, and escaped by killing the officers who came to get him.  His family then rejected him when he sought refuge, so he hid in the forests, continuing training himself to survive in the wild.

He happened to meet Rei while wandering near a town.  He'd heard about the pirate princess before, but until they day he met her, he thought it was all legend.  Rubian was captivated by her beauty, and would do anything to have her heart.  Rei was in need of sailors, and Rubian was in need of a new life.  He also took the opportunity to dedicate his life to protecting Rei.  Undeniably, she spent a lot of time with him as well, but their love affair was only in secret.

Rubian currently dates Crystal, whom he met on Mangora and fell instantly in love with.  He still has feelings for Rei, and still spends a lot of personal time with her.  As the story progresses, Rubian is falling in and out of love with the wrong people, and he's finally realizing he needs to decide what he really wants.

Inactive Feralys / Churichia
« on: December 30, 2006, 03:26:07 AM »
Churichia is the daughter of the Demon/Snow Leopard Nanaku Shytano-Teishan
and The red Kango (Kangaroo Dingo) Kuneshi Teishan. Her mother is a demon
and so it shows up greatly in poor Churichia. Born May 1st 2006 she is a
very talented little cub. She has a few undiscovered talents at this moment
but they include being able to learn weopanry and fighting styles, also, she
 is has a few other abilities she is developing and since her mother is the
 pet of death she may also have a slight taste for blood as her mother does
 though it is controlable. She also grows into maturity at a somewhat alarming
rate. She grows 3 times faster then any normal cub. She is also very playful,
kind, warm, ad friendly.
Her profile will extend as she progresses and
grows during the story.

Feralys / Eddy Dobhran
« on: December 30, 2006, 03:25:00 AM »
Eddy Dobhran


Age 26
Species: Otter
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: Unusually tall for an otter, Eddy has the sturdy, thin build one would expect of a sailor. His thick, oily, dark brown fur has the usual markings of an otter, the dark brown becoming an almost creamy colour on his front. He of course has the long, rudder-like tail of otters, rather strong, he can easily send things flying if he's not careful! Currently, his headfur is cut short, but tends to darken as it lengthens. His right ear is also pierced with a single gold ring.

Clothes: His choice of clothing is usually simple. Trousers-wise he usually favours pair of dark sailor's trousers. Although he often goes topless, he more recently has taken to wearing a plain, undyed linen shirt. His only slightly frivolous garment is a thick sash of red silk that he wears about his waist into this you will often see his pistol tucked. Finally, there is a battered cloth scarf that he wears almost everywhere, although it's unclear where he got it, he believes that it brings him good luck!

- Flintlock Musket - A great shot, the musket is by far his preferred weapon. Taken from a Naval store-room, his is a sturdy, long barrelled weapon with a plain, reliable flintlock.
- Flintlock Pistol - Acquired as a prize by Eddy, it has it's flintlock on the left of the weapon, making it easier for him to fire left handed
- Cutlass - Eddy's blade of choice is a sturdy, straight-bladed cutlass. It has a simple, practical hand guard made of blued steel and a single-edged blade of fine Anglish steel. It usually hangs in a scabbard secured in a  leather baldric.


Before Eddy Dobhran had even began to walk, he had undertaken his first major sea voyage when his father, Robert 'Rab' Dobhran, fled the old world after participating in a failed coup against the king of United Briton, an affair the infant otter could barely remember, but perhaps, it was this that gave the otter his love of the sea.

They settled in Port Royal. It was in the narrow streets of the Warren and the seething activity of the Docklands that the young otter grew up, thriving on the stories of the sailors, travelers and merchants that passed through and playing amongst the bulky merchantmen, the exotic traders and the magnificent, sturdy battleships that lined the docks. As the old saying goes, Eddy was 'born with salt in his veins' and, at the age of 9, he enlisted as cabin boy aboard the merchantman Prometheus. All his father got was a note from the ship's captain explaining the situation.

It was ten months before the Prometheus returned to Port Royal, and young Eddy's reception home wasn't warm. However, despite his father's beatings, it wasn't long before Eddy enlisted again, first aboard a Merchantman and even, for a time the Navy itself. The lad took well to the sea. He eagerly digested the skills of seamanship, and was soon rated to able seaman. It was the life he chose, time upon land became less and less for him as he took part in longer and longer voyages, even serving a a short period as Master's Mate.
Despite his long periods at sea, Eddy did make an effort to keep in touch with his Father, whenever he was in Port Royal, he'd take up berth with him and occasionally, whenever he could find someone to write it for him, send letters home. Although rarely together, and even more rarely not arguing, the two did somehow maintain a healthy fondness for each other, Robert seeing his son as a wild, reckless young toe rag; Eddy seeing his father as a dull, boring old river mutt.

Eddy had just disembarked from HMS Lucifer, when an unknown ship appeared in the bay of Port Royal. Before the Navy or the Batteries could challenge the ship, she opened fire. Fast, efficient gunnery quickly disabled the few naval vessels afloat and began tearing holes in the town itself, boatloads of skilled pirates coming ashore, looting, burning and raping. Naturally, Eddy ran for home, sprinting unerringly down the labyrinth of the Warrens, only to see a side of his father he'd never seen. Robert Dobhran was facing the enemy, wielding the tarnished old Broadsword that had always hung above the fireplace with frightening skill and fury. Eventually however, the old otter was brought down with a musket ball.

The incident struck the young otter like a hammer blow. Although he'd never been close to his father, he realized how little he'd truly known him. The quiet, cheerful father Eddy known had been a mere shell of the man Robert Dobhran had been, and Eddy finally realized this. Nothing left to connect him to the port town, after setting his affairs in order, Eddy purchased a handy little cutter and set sail away from Port Royal, his father's sword wrapped in sailcloth.

It wasn't long before the young otter found himself in the inn known as 'the Clam's Pearl', where he first came across one Rei Clover Keishana and her rather motley crew. She claimed to be former Princess of Tischna and rightful heir to the royal line, which meant little to the otter. Keishana was however, also in command of the former frigate HMS Dosnmatta, now renamed Feralys. Finding himself swept along in the adventures, Eddy found himself quickly accepted as one of the crew, his skills and knowledge welcome aboard the rather ragtag vessel.

After the loss of the HMS Dosnmatta, a new ship was launched Feralys. Due to his being one of the few surviving hands with experience, Captain Keishana rated Eddy to the rank of First Mate and Quartermaster of Feralys, where he can usually be found on deck, seeing her sails set for her next adventure.

Inactive Feralys / Jenna-Kane Kooper
« on: December 30, 2006, 03:23:21 AM »
Jenna-Kane Kooper


Species: Black-Footed Ferret
Gender: Female
Eyes: Dark Purple
Hair: Black with highlights
Appearance: Jenna has normal black-footed ferret markings, with a black mask on face, black paws and feet, and black tail tip. Her tummy is white, and the rest of her body is a creamy/goldish color. She also usually wears her hair tied back.
Clothes: Originally Jenna wore men's clothing almost exclusively, but recently she's been embracing some more "womanly" clothing. Her normal attire includes black boots, black trousers, a belt with a pouch on each side for carrying items, black leather wrist bracers, and a black or purple waistcoat (vest). If it's chilly out she'll wear a white 'poet's shirt' under the vest, but if it's warm Jenna just wears the vest alone.
Weapons: She carries a pistol with her but she really prefers her two daggers, one she carries in her boot and one in her belt.


Jenna-Kane was born into an extremely poor village. Part of the problem was that the people were being overtaxed, the other problem was that people were leaving because of a plague that was spreading. When Jenna's mother contracted the plague, her father knew he couldn't keep her safe there. A gypsy caravan happened to be passing by. The village knew this particular family of gypsies, and trusted them as friends. Jenna's father begged them to take his two-year-old daughter away from the village, and so they did.

Jenna grew up with the gypsies, learning their ways. She had no single family, she was raised by the whole caravan. She was a well-known michief maker, and became a masterful little thief, even at a young age. Jenna loved being able to travel with the caravan, and seeing new places constantly.

Six years ago the caravan stopped in a small village. The same plague that had hit Jenna's village as an infant struck there within a month, and the villagers blamed it on the gyspies. Believing that they were witches, the villagers captured them, tortured them, and burned them at the stake, or else drowned them. A few of the men and children survived, but Jenna was seperated from them as she hid. When all was done, she couldn't find the rest of the caravan, and was left on her own.

For some time she stayed in the forest surrounding the village, living off edible plants she found there. The reason she stayed was revenge, she could never forgive these people. One by one as they ventured too close to the forest she would silently slash their throats. The body would be found the next day in the middle of the village, and the people thought there was some sort of monster living in the forest.

After Jenna had killed all the people responsible for the death of her family, she ventured off on her own, making a living as a wandering thief. The nickname 'Ferrex' came about from a wanted poster. Because no one knew much about her, aside from the fact that she was a ferret and had been robbing villages in the area, she was called 'Ferret X', which the villagers eventually shortened to 'Ferrex'. It was during this time that she met up with a female marten named Karma, and the two became partners in crime. They called themselves the "Violet Sisters" and traveled together until Karma confronted her father, and the two were split up. After that Jenna went on working on her own for a short time.

Jenna eventually grew bored with the villages in the area. The villages were becoming familiar with her, and the bounty hunters and trappers were after her. Not only that, but Karma's enemies were after her. She decided it was time to travel, and she intended to join a ship. When she went to the docks she met up with the Feralys crew, and the combination of traveling and thievery was too good for her to pass up.

She has been traveling with Feralys for quite some time now, and even met up with Karma again for a short time though the marten didn't mix well with the rest of the crew and eventually left. She is currently in a relationship with the Quartermaster, Eddy.

Jenna has had many aliases in the past, including Kathleen Kooper, Kes Leroux, Jeanne Estinette, Janus Lane, Zalem Jane, Zane Montroyo, Vincent Leroux, Robert Montevallo, Jack Mandemus, Kathleen Rancoe

Her personality also depends on her mood. Originally she was sneaky and aloof, socializing only with people that she thought would be somehow useful to her. But after being on Feralys with all the other creatures so close by, she had to develop a more social nature. She only really likes/trusts a few choice crew members, but she'll chat with just about anyone. Jenna has a tendency to be overly cheerful in serious situations because it amuses her to annoy or anger other people, and she prizes having fun above anything else (even if her fun comes at the expense of others). Now that Karma is gone, she's slightly more cynical/sadistic than before. But only slightly. It's barely noticeable.

Other Characters / Karma the Violet
« on: December 30, 2006, 03:22:16 AM »
[Played by Jenna-Kane Kooper]

Name - Karma the Violet (alias Jude Marlin, alias Maria Montroyo, alias Christine Marcoux, alias Jakob Ishtar)

Age - 18

Gender - Female

Orientation - Straight

Species - Pine Marten anthro


   Height - 5'6"
   Fur Colour - Mostly dark brown, her chin and neck are a pale brownish-yellow color. She has a pale brownish-yellow stripe running from between her eyes to the base of her tail, and around her eyes the fur is pale brownish-yellow.
   Eye Colour - Wild blue eyes
        Hair - Very short, she doesn't appear to have any hair, just fur.
   Clothing - Ears each have 3 hoop earrings, purple shirt with sleeves ripped off (shirt is short and shows some of her belly), silver wrist cuffs, tan pants, black boots.

Personality - She rarely takes time to socialize. If you happen to run into her on the street she's likely to glare at you and continue on her way. Should you somehow become better aquainted with her she may seem friendly, but there are few people she's truly loyal to. She has an extremely violent temper.

Weapon of Choice - Throwing knives

History - Karma was born into a French speaking village to the North. At the age of 8 Karma's village was taken over by some outside army. To save his own skin, Karma's father sold her and her mother into slavery. Shortly after that Karma was separated from her mother and sold to work on a small farm in the north. At the age of 13 she escaped from her master and became a wandering thief. She generally stayed away from towns and villages because she knew there was a chance of being captured, as large rewards are offered for runaway slaves. At the age of 15 she ran into a fellow thief named Jenna-Kane, who was then using the alias Zane Montroyo. Jenna-Kane became like a sister to Karma, and they called themselves 'The Violet Sisters'. At the age of 17 Karma met up with her father. After gouging his eyes out she and Jenna-Kane went their separate ways to escape being captured.

After Karma and Jenna-Kane Kooper met up again by chance in a tavern, Karma traveled with Jenna and the Feralys crew for a short time. Unfortunately Karma found it difficult to adapt to life on the ship (especially being around so many males) and not long after joining the crew got into a fight with the ship's Captain, after which the marten decided to leave the ship. She is now traveling on her own.

Other Characters / Capt Marcus Drake
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The Silver Wolf Captain Marcus Drake of the HMS RedBreast (3 decker, 80 gun (32
pounders below, 18 pounders above deck), and crew compliment of 600 and brigs
for 120-135). The HMS RedBreast is known by its redbreasted mermaid frontpeice,
and is referred to by pirates as the "Red Tit-shark" which pisses off Capt.
Drake to no end, who sees her as the pride of the Navy in these parts.

Capt. Drake is a wealthy land-owner of Port Royal with an overdeveloped sense
of pride. Everything is about honor and one's name. If he takes up something,
he will finish it or die trying. Who can live without honor?

A Ship capt. like his father before him, he runs a tight and clean ship, anal
retentive to the core and paranoid about all around him. To this end, he is an
excellent officer. His crew may find him annoying, but his paranoia keeps them
alive and no one doubts his title of "grandmaster" at the Royal Fencing school
back in the main country. He's smart, cunning, and finds hunting pirates as
much as sport as fishing.

His downfall may be his honor though, if he were to lose a battle, or be
humiliated in some way, he'd probably do anything to regain his pride.

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